Community Blogging – Day 2


We just purchased bikes. We’d been saving up and I’d planned to get them for spring break. Well, with school closed, we went ahead and went bike shopping last weekend and then got the bikes Monday. Today we went on our first ride, and:

image1 (1).jpeg image0.jpeg

And of course that’s my right hand, so typing hurts. My knee and elbow are also scraped up. Also I broke my new toy. 😦 It’s not bad, but we don’t have a rack to take it back to the bike shop to get it fixed. So right now everything sucks and I’m going to go cry for awhile.

UPDATE: Husband has fixed bike. That helps a lot. Once I quit bleeding and can type more easily I’ll be all good!

UPDATE 2: AND he’s gonna cook hamburgers. Find a partner who will cuddle you when you make mistakes, help you fix them, and take care of you when things don’t go well, even if it’s totally your fault. Seriously. Don’t settle for less.

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