Community Blogging – Day 3


Do you know how much you use your hands and your fingers? It’s a lot. Typing hurts. Pulling on socks hurts. Pouring water for tea hurts. Chopping vegetables hurts. Holding freaking crayons to color a picture hurts. Pulling my hair back into a ponytail so it’s out of the way is not an option, but fortunately I have a husband who did that for me this morning. Yay!

Typing is particularly interesting, because I use my index fingers the most, and they’re fine. It’s when I go for the shift key with my right hand, or I use my right middle finger, that I get a jab of discomfort. And my fingers are stiff, so I’m slower than I’m used to, and I make more typos, which slows me down even more. It’s frustrating.

Also, as a bonus, my neck and shoulders were stiff this morning, probably from how I tensed/braced/caught myself when I fell. So reaching for anything hurts. I keep my T-shirts folded in a dresser, and my nicer shirts hang in the closet. This morning my choice of attire was partly determined by the fact that I decided that it would be easier to bend down and pull the drawer open than to reach up and fiddle with the clothes hanger.

We went over to Ridgeland to help pack meals for distribution in the community. I am very proud of myself for not tearing open one of the packets of cinnamon-sugar PopTarts because those were always my favorite and I haven’t had them in forever. My husband made sure to feed me before we headed over, which was very clever of him. I’m even less pleasant than usual when I’m hungry.

Today is a run day and, as usual, I don’t feel like running. Plus, I have the additional issue of being injured and sore. So I would be perfectly justified in staying home.


I am more stubborn than I am uncomfortable. I have a plan, and I am going to follow the dadgum plan. Pain? Discomfort? You are not the boss of me.

i do what i want.gif

Not that I actually want to run. But it’s the principle that matters!

2 thoughts on “Community Blogging – Day 3

  1. It is so funny how we use our hans throughout the day for even such simple tasks. I am glad your husband can help you though! When I had surgery for my hand in September my dad did the exact same for me.


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