Community Blogging – Day 19

So tonight we picked up dinner from Bob’s Brick Oven! He’s opened a temporary location in conjunction with some of the food trucks in Rock Spring. It was really nice to get out of the house, although I felt a little guilty because we didn’t really need to go get pizza. But we followed the guidelines, plus it’s important to support local businesses. I really hope that they’re able to open up again more permanently.

We were going to go to the battlefield to eat, but the road was closed. We didn’t go up close to look at the signs, but according to the Facebook page for Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park, it’s completely closed. I’d heard that they’d closed the visitor center, but was unaware that the entire area had been shut down. They do have rangers patrolling the area to keep an eye on things.

I hate half-knowing things. I know that this can’t last forever. But I hate not knowing how long it’s going to be. I hate hoping that my students are okay, but not actually knowing that they are. It makes me anxious to think that there’s a good chance we’ll go back to school as usual in the fall, but not to know for certain.

Blogging every day is a LOT. I feel like this gets repetitive. And I’m feeling a lack of motivation that I think stems from a lack of purpose. I started blogging every day as a way to stay in touch with my students. I’d asked them to blog daily, so it seemed reasonable to do it myself. It served as an example so they’d know what I was looking for in their posts, and also they could use these posts for their comment requirement even if nobody else posted anything.

But I’m realizing that responding to others is at least as important as writing. And so, I’m going to ease back on the time I spend writing and try to increase how much time I spend responding.

5 thoughts on “Community Blogging – Day 19

  1. I don’t like the fact that we don’t know when this will end either. It is kind of stressful in all honesty. I feel like everyone has had to put their life on pause because of it. I really hope this all ends soon. I miss normal living.


    • Heh. Not just “kind of” stressful; DEFINITELY stressful. One of the things I like about teaching is that there’s a lot of variety. You do different things as you move from unit to unit. You have different students throughout the day, and you get new students every so often. BUT, along with that, there’s an underlying stability. The exact dates of when holidays and vacations change, but only slightly. The general expectations are consistent. I really like that blend of stability and variety. And right now it’s COMPLETELY TRASHED.


  2. I know I’m one of many students you have, but if it makes you feel any better I am doing fine aside from I am bored most the time. I also understand being unmotivated sometimes to write on your blog. I get unmotivated too which is why I got so behind on it. I want to write about something that is close to me or important to me and read what others think about the topic.


  3. Bob’s is great! I’m glad that he could open back up for a while. My family and I only eat out once a week simply to support local businesses. While I don’t have a strong relationship with everyone in our class, I hope that they are okay as well. The idea of someone at our school being hurt by the virus (either physically or mentally) really upsets me.


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