Definitely Monday

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.23.22 AM.pngI try to remember to update the websites for each of the classes that I teach first thing each weekday. Even more than Google classroom, phone, or email, those sites are what I rely on to communicate with my students, because that way everyone gets the same information.

Also, they’re publicly accessible. If someone has to borrow a computer and can’t remember their password (or doesn’t want to use it on someone else’s device) they can still get to the site. Parents can view the site without having to be members.

And the edit icon was missing.

After some hyperventilating and more than a little swearing, I figured out the problem. And I solved it. But there was a good hour or so when I was intensely frustrated, trying to come up with alternatives and wondering what had gone wrong.

Obviously, I don’t like it when things go wrong. But, for me at least, it’s a lot easier to deal with when I know why something happened. I like having a plan.

The image at the top of the post crossed my tumblr feed over the weekend, and it really resonated with me. Having lots of dots – lots of information without seeing how different facts are related – is very stressful for me. Seeing how the dots are connected allows me to choose a path from one dot to another.

This applies in a lot of areas. I feel more confident about what I’m writing when I know what point I’m trying to make and what illustrations I’m going to use to make it. I feel better about my running when I know what I’m trying to accomplish. I have my goal (the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in 2021) and up until this point I’ve been working at increasing distance. Now I want to maintain my distance and begin attempting to improve my pace.

Sometimes the path is longer or more complicated than I want it to be, given the proximity of the dots. I may not even be on the easiest path, or the shortest path. But simply knowing that I’m on a path that leads to the dot I want makes me feel more at ease.

2 thoughts on “Definitely Monday

    • Stressed, discouraged, and frustrated. And YES! I *just* found out that “Self Made” is available: I know a little bit about CJ Walker, but not a lot, and Olivia Spencer is an amazing actor. So I’d been looking forward to that, and just yesterday someone on Facebook mentioned watching it and I may have flipped out a little. Haven’t had a chance to watch it myself but I’m definitely excited about it!


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