Thankful Thursday

Not Folgers, as far as I know, but still an important part of the morning!

Today I am especially thankful that my colleagues have left extra coffee mugs at school that can be used as loaners.

I realized that I had left my coffee cup at home when I began unpacking my school bag this morning. While I was frustrated with myself, I was able to let go of that frustration pretty easily. I knew there would be a variety of mugs in the cabinet by the community coffee station.

We’ve lived in the area for going on two decades now, and I’ve worked at the same school the entire time. Several years ago, we purchased a house. It’s at the other end of the county, and another school in our district is a lot closer. I could bike to school on nice days. But while I’ve considered putting in for a transfer, the most significant reason I’ve never followed through with it is the connections I’ve formed with my colleagues.

The loaner mugs in the cabinet are smaller than the ginormous monster I tote back and forth every day, but honestly, it’s probably better for my health to have a bit less caffeine anyhow.

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