Weekly Wishes (Week 6)

Progress reports go out this week. We’re only required to send them home to students who are failing or in danger of failing, but I prefer to print them out for everyone; it’s less awkward that way. I also have two different writing contests for which I get to be the one to collect and submit entries. It’s kind of stressful because I have to keep them straight!

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Is The Internet Making Us All Stupider?

tl;dr: No. Just no.

Woman looking down, pinching the space between her eyebrows.

Fear-mongering about new technology has been around since – well, apparently, since people have existed. It seems to follow the same sort of pattern as gripes about “kids these days” who are always “up to no good” and “don’t know how easy they have it” and “listen to all that trash” and are “lazy and disrespectful” and, golly, “back in MY day it was DIFFERENT.”

But… was it?

Was it really?

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