Community Blogging – Day 10

Today my husband and I helped deliver packed meals along one of the bus routes. He got to wave to some of his students – I didn’t see any of mine. It was a beautiful outside, and we put the windows down and had a lovely breeze going while we organized and filled the bag for each person.

I also want to call some of the students who started out posting on their blogs but haven’t posted anything in awhile. I hope everyone is okay. I’m exhausted, though, so I may wait until tomorrow to call. I didn’t get much sleep last night, and what sleep I did get had all kinds of bad dreams. Lots of fighting.

I do have something cool planned for later, though. At least, I think it’s cool. And students who choose to do it can get bonus points, so hopefully they’ll think that’s cool even if they think the assignment itself is stupid!

Community Blogging – Day 9

8 things to describe about the past week &a half:

  • 1 thing that you missed this week
  • 1-2 things that get you outside in the fresh air
  • 1-million things you’ve read/are reading
  • 1-5 songs you’ve been listening to
  • 1-3 shows you’ve watched
  • 2 foods you’ve enjoyed
  • 1-5 activities that have kept you busy
  • 1 thing you’d be doing or will do when this virus is history

My answers are behind the link!

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Community Blogging – Day 7

Today was a really, really hard day. I’ve been worrying about the students I hadn’t heard from, but up until this point I’ve been somewhat able to ignore those worries. Well, yesterday evening the Official Call went out to the district about this not being just an extended spring break.

So I waited until lunchtime today in case I got any stragglers. And then I started attempting to make contact with those who’d dropped off the map.

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Community Blogging – Day 6

How much do I share?

To some degree, when you are a teacher, you are always a teacher. At the grocery store, the movie theater, the park – I never know when I am going to hear a surprised “Hey! Mrs. Cole!” I’ve been teaching long enough now that even a bar is no guarantee of escape.

Personally, I have a dual-phase reaction. Phase one: minor panic. Am I appropriately dressed? Did I just swear? Am I holding or even standing next to something that could be compromising? Phase two: curiosity. What is this student like outside the classroom? Who is with them, and what might the student have told them about me? How do they see this student?

Then there’s a little dance, especially if the student is with a parent. Parent: I hope that Little So-and-So has been behaving for you in class. Me: Well…

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Community Blogging – Day 3


Do you know how much you use your hands and your fingers? It’s a lot. Typing hurts. Pulling on socks hurts. Pouring water for tea hurts. Chopping vegetables hurts. Holding freaking crayons to color a picture hurts. Pulling my hair back into a ponytail so it’s out of the way is not an option, but fortunately I have a husband who did that for me this morning. Yay!

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