Weekly Wishes (Week 17)

I finally got all of my videos re-published. I did find a way to do it by playlist, which would make it easier to do again if I had to. But right now I’m feeling kind of frustrated and resentful at being put in a position where I felt that was my best option. I don’t know whether pulling back from social media got my stalker to quiet down or whether that would have happened anyway, given time. *sigh*

AP testing is this week. State testing is next week. Then there’s one week full of field trips and assemblies, and then finals and graduation. YIKES!

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Weekly Wishes (Week 16)

On Sunday I came home early from work because I was just exhausted and overwhelmed. Prom was this past weekend, so even though I didn’t work Saturday, I still had a lot to do. And yet I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and getting NOTHING done. Covering classes is a lot of it; I rarely know where I’ll be sent or what the plans are in advance.

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Weekly Wishes (Week 15)

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. Georgia is developing new ELA standards, and the process has led me to reflect on what skills and knowledge *I* think students should have, what our community thinks, and what students themselves think. In a poem about identity and heritage, one student wrote “the only book we read is the Bible.”

Definitely food for thought.

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Weekly Wishes (Week 6)

Progress reports go out this week. We’re only required to send them home to students who are failing or in danger of failing, but I prefer to print them out for everyone; it’s less awkward that way. I also have two different writing contests for which I get to be the one to collect and submit entries. It’s kind of stressful because I have to keep them straight!

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